City of London

City of London

The ReVeAL project will provide a critical strand of evidence as we work to deliver the Mayor’s vision of a zero-carbon city.

Lilli Matson Director of Transport Strategy, Transport for London


The City of London Corporation provides local authority services for the City of London, the financial district and historic centre of London. The City of London is one of the 33 areas with local authority responsibilities into which London is divided. The City is home to a residential population of approximately 8.000 people. However, over 450.000 people commute into the City every day for work and over 10 million visit as tourists every year.

The City of London Transport Strategy, which was adopted on 23 May 2019, sets out how the City of London Corporation proposes to design and manage the streets of the City to ensure it remains a great place to live, work, study and visit. It aims to prioritise the needs of people walking and cycling by making streets more accessible and safer, as well as to make the most efficient and effective use of street space by significantly reducing motor traffic.

Measure fields in practice

The Mayor’s Transport Strategy proposes a zero-emission zone in central London (including the City of London) by 2025. This goes beyond the emissions standards for the ULEZ (Ultra-low emission zone) and introduces phased restrictions or charges for non-zero-emission capable vehicles. Within ReVeAL’s framework, this pilot will implement a ZEZ that will cover a high-density commercial district in the City of London (the Eastern Cluster) to significantly reduce exposure to air pollution: in addition, it will prepare, setup and carry out a ‘sandbox’ for an advanced UVAR approach within the same area, using cutting edge technology and tools. The Eastern Cluster ZEZ will be helpful to trial the restrictions, technology and supporting measures that will be required to introduce further ZEZs in central London.

External event


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London, United Kingdom
February 11, 2020