Key Outputs

Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs) are a useful tool used widely in Europe that help the move towards people-friendly cities and reduce transport’s climate impact.

The ReVeAL key outputs – also knows as ReVeAL Toolkit – help cities develop good practice UVARs, to help take urban road space from motorised vehicles and give them to people and sustainable mobility.

The ReVeAL Toolkit consists of:

  1. The ReVeAL approach, which breaks UVARs down into 33 building blocks (measures), so that UVARs can be appropriately developed and combined for new cities. Each building block has its own factsheet, and where issues cross more than one building block, they are linked to a specific section in the ReVeAL Guidance.
  2. Cross-cutting themes that are relevant for all or several UVARs are covered in the ReVeAL online Guidance. The Guidance also explains the ReVeAL approach, and how to best approach developing your UVAR.
  3. The online Tool AccessRegulationsForYourCity offers guidance on the process of developing packages of UVAR measures to support cities’ critical thinking around effective and equitable UVAR packages – it creates, after a short questionnaire, a prioritised building blocks’ list that might be most relevant for your city and potential UVAR area.

The Toolkit is outlined in the figure below, and is also described in the final set of ReVeAL Webinars.