The ReVeAL approach

Our Approach

ReVeAL will demonstrate that current UVAR measures, if planned and executed in smart ways, are effective and financially viable and can make productive use of the latest technologies. In addition, ReVeAL will show that smart UVAR measures can be compatible with emerging mobility patterns and concepts, as well as fit into modern governance structures and gain public acceptability.

The ReVeAL methodology comprises the following stages:

Making the change management requirements explicit for any UVAR initiative.

Setting the groundwork for the implementation of a wide range of UVAR measures (both established and cutting-edge approaches).

Implementing innovative measures as on-the-ground actions in six pilot cities.

Understanding the nature and extent of the impacts made by the measures introduced in the six pilot cities.

Synthesising and consolidating the lessons learned from the project and putting them in a form that can be used by other cities.