C40 Cities & TDA Webinars Recordings are here!

Have you participated to the second webinar of the Zero Emission Zones for Freight Webinar Series, “Transitioning to Zero Emission Zones and Zero Emission Freight in London“, and wish to refresh your memory?

Did you maybe miss it?

No worries! The recording of the webinar is now available on C40’s Knowledge Hub – feel free to share the recording with your colleagues.

The recording for the first webinar “Zero Emission Zones for Freight – Lessons from the Netherlands” is also available here.

Insights from this webinar series will be used by C40 Cities and the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance to inform a guide on zero emission zones for freight to be published on C40’s Knowledge Hub. If you have any useful resources to share with the Alliance to inform this guide, or would like to provide feedback, please contact the C40 Group.