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AccessRegulationsForYourCity is a tool to help cities that are considering putting urban vehicle access regulation (UVAR) measures in place. Such measures can help make cities more accessible, safer, quieter, greener, more liveable, less polluted, and lower emitting. Measures may be aimed at the entire city or a single part of it, such as the central business district or a certain neighbourhood.  

AccessRegulationsForYourCity consists of 14 questions that can be answered in roughly 5 minutes by a city representative who knows their local mobility context and goals well. 

The tool uses the responses to filter the 33 UVAR building blocks identified in the ReVeAL project to suggest the ones that are likely to suit the local context.  

The output of the tool is a short list of suggested UVAR building blocks that may be worth considering for the input town or city. For each suggested UVAR building block, the respondent will be redirected to a fact sheet that includes enforcement options; considerations on timing, phasing and scaling; gender and equity issues to keep in mind; and a selection of other building blocks that may combine well with it and a case example.  

AccessRegulationsForYourCity offers guidance on the process of developing packages of UVAR measures to support cities’ critical thinking around effective and equitable UVAR packages. 

The tool can be used as many times as the respondent wishes, allowing to change parameters to see different results.  

AccessRegulationsForYourCity is a key output of the ReVeAL toolkit.

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