Helmond is proud to be part of the ReVeAL project. Helmond is realising Brainport Smart District, the “district of the future”, and, with the support of ReVeA.L we aim to make the district not only the smartest, but also the safest district in the world.

Antoinette Maas Vice-Mayor, Mobility


Helmond is a medium sized city with about 90.000 inhabitants and it is located in the south of the Netherlands. Helmond is part of the Brainport area, one of the three most important economic areas in the country: Helmond, in particular, focuses on innovation on the fields of automotive and mobility. Helmond is indeed home to the Automotive Campus, where over 35 companies work on innovative mobility solutions.

With the Automotive Campus, Helmond presents itself as knowledge and innovation centre for mobility solutions and as “City of Smart Mobility”. Though a relatively small city, Helmond receives internationally recognition for its ambitious goals and the realisation of innovative mobility solutions in the city. Helmond is offering its urban environment as a living lab for smart mobility solutions.

Measure fields in practice

Brainport Smart District will be a smart living and working district in which the urban environment will be designed in conjunction with new transport, health, energy generation, energy storage and circular building technologies.  A new residential area under development west of Helmond’s city centre and north of the Helmond-Eindhoven railway line, Brainport Smart District will be equipped with the latest innovative solutions and will function as an urban living lab. Within ReVeAL’s framework, the city of Helmond will implement an Intelligent Speed Adaptation System and a zero-emission zone. The ISA system will limit the speed of vehicles in the district to a safe maximum and the ZEZ will result in cleaner air in the district. Both measures will help to make the district a safe and people-friendly environment.

ISA Helmond

ISA: Helmond to test it on speed traffic

ReVeAL Partners Matthieu Graindorge (Helmond) and Steven Herskamp (V-tron) describe how Helmond is ready to test the impact of Intelligent Speed Assitance (ISA) on speed traffic.

June 5, 2020
ReVeAL event

Smart Mobility in Helmond – Live Webcast

On Wednesday June 10, from 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM, ReVeAL partner city Helmond, NL, is planning a live webcast on smart mobility. What are the influences of COVID-19 on our way of traveling? Can sustainable mobility be the norm? The world of mobility is changing enormously, but many are still traveling fossil-fueled cars. However, the future will hopefully showcase more electric shared cars, bicycles, scooters and self-driving minibuses. Within this frame, Helmond has been working for years on modern techniques to make transport safer, smoother and cleaner. This begs the question: what else will and shall happen in the coming years to make Helmond an even more accessible, safe and sustainable city? In Helmond’s Brainport Smart District, the future residents are already working together on progressive mobility and on a world in which private cars are things of the past. Ask your questions during the live webcast During the live webcast, participants will be taken into the world of Helmond’s smart mobility. They will be able to ask questions via YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp (a mobile number will be displayed non-stop during the broadcast). Main points of discussion Gertjan Koolen of the SmartwayZ.NL program will ponder on how COVID-19 affects mobility Deputy mayor for Mobility Antoinette Maas will discuss Helmond’s experience Menno Lijkendijk of Mobility Mixx will describe mobility services in Helmond Sonja van Uden will discuss the mobility innovations in Brainport Smart District, the smartest district in the Netherlands.   Read the original news item in Dutch HERE.   ?Tomorrow – June 10, from 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM, @CIVITAS_ReVeAL Partner @gemeenteHelmond is planning a #livestream on #smartmobility. You can easily watch it on YT or FB and ask real-time questions via WhatsApp (number will be screened non-stop)? Link?https://t.co/e3PZtdvOR2? pic.twitter.com/Co4JCMA3GX — CIVITAS ReVeAL (@CIVITAS_ReVeAL) June 9, 2020  

June 10, 2020
From 7:30 pm
To 8:30 pm