UVAR Exchange Cities and Stakeholders Workshop

December 13, 2021
From 9:00 am
To 1:00 pm

The UVAR Exchange consortium is organising the online Cities and Stakeholder Workshop on 13 December 2021, from 9:00 to 13:00 (CET).

The Workshop aims to involve:

  • Transport planning, traffic management and UVARS
  • Physical (fixed and variable) signs
  • C-ITS standardisation
  • National technical vehicle and vehicle ownership database
  • Solution providers for data access to technical and personal data

About the event

Urban and Regional Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs) are a vital part of the strategy to achieve clean, safe and sustainable urban mobility. The online workshop will address two key informational challenges in the effective implementation of UVARs, namely:

  • Drivers need timely information about the terms and procedures for compliance as they approach the UVARs.
  • Cities and enforcement agencies need information about the compliance of vehicles and information about the vehicle holder/owner/driver to effectively enforce the UVAR.

The workshop will focus on three main topics to address design, engineering, legal and administrative aspects of the challenges:

  • Session 1: Physical signs for UVARs (held in parallel with Session 2)
  • Session 2: C-ITS messages with UVAR information (held in parallel with Session 1)
  • Session 3: Technical and personal information access for compliance and enforcement of UVARs

The workshop will be interactive, using online tools for gathering feedback and graphic collaboration, as well as presenting our current research on the topic.

About the project

The UVAR Exchange research project funded by the European Parliament and contracted by DG MOVE addresses the informational challenges described above. The project is led by Panteia together with partners Armis, AustriaTech, CORTE, MAPtm, TRT, and Sadler Consultants.

Further information about the project is available at our website.

 UVAR Exchange Cities and Stakeholder Workshop image