UVARExchange kicks off!

Some cities require drivers of foreign vehicles to register before entering – even if they meet the standard.

UVARExchange, a new Project by the European Parliament and led by Panteia together with partners Armis, AustriaTech, CORTE, MAPtm, TRT,  Sadler Consultants and AlbrechtConsult, supports cities with foreign vehicle enforcement to reduce drivers need to register.

Cities themselves would not want to register all foreign vehicles, but it is the only way they can identify the vehicle emissions standard from the cameras checking the vehicle number plates. With this in mind, UVARExchange will identify and pilot EU-wide solutions to solve this problem – for cities, drivers and vehicle operators alike.

The project will also support cities in foreign vehicle enforcement, and will make it more likely that fines come with less delay and directly from the city, rather than via a third party.

Last but not least, the project looks at better ways to share information around Europe.

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