Digitising UVARs: Steps ahead by UVARBox

The third UVARBox workshop (see more info on the first and the second here) took place on September 20, 2021.

The UVARBox project, a European Parliament Pilot Project on digitising UVARs, helps building a tool and mechanism to make such process easy.

After the initial stakeholder consultations and the mapping of available information, steps towards the actual digitization process have been done: with its third workshop, the Consortium of the UVARBox Project showcased its half-way progress, focusing on the ‘UVAR State of the Art’ report, which includes a structured overview of the current and planned UVAR policies, as well as the first version of the data format, which will be used as a standardised digital framework for all UVARs in Europe – the so-called ‘DATEX II-format’.

Apart from giving an update on the status and the activities conducted in the first year of the Project, the workshop fostered a good discussion on the expectations and the challenges of the project itself.

You can watch the third UVARBox workshop recording below:

More info can be found here.