The Hague tightens its LEZ for mopeds

The Hague has now an environmental zone for polluting petrol mopeds. From December 1, 2020, drivers are no longer allowed to use mopeds and light mopeds from before 2010 anywhere in the city. Old electric mopeds are allowed.

Why so?

2-stroke mopeds and 2-stroke mopeds are polluting. Especially when waiting or driving away at traffic lights, 2-stroke vehicles emit a lot of harmful particles. This is bad for the health of cyclists and pedestrians who travel close to these mopeds. Resarch has shown that an environmental zone can significantly reduce the emission of soot and particulate matter.

Scrapping scheme for the win

In case drivers would like to scrap their old moped or light moped, the municipality offers a scrapping scheme based on credit. Drivers can use this to buy an (electric) bicycle or for public transport. Drivers will receive a credit of €400 for a scrapped moped or light moped. Ooievaarspas’ credit will amount to €750.

For more information on The Hague go to the city’s website on Urban Access Regulations in Europe.