CIVITAS shows that cities dare to… push the boundaries of mobility

Learning from city peers from a distance – how is that supposed to work during a global health pandemic?

That has been this year’s challenge. To meet it, CIVITAS has asked seven cities whose measures have pushed mobility boundaries to film their best solutions and share their insights through short case studies.

This activity has resulted in the online launch event of the first-ever CIVITAS e-publication on Tuesday, December 8!

A cities’ story

  • Give public space back to people. Exchange with colleagues from Bratislava (Slovakia) on how to transform a transit zone into public squares.
  • Make walking and cycling accessible for all. Read more on Madrid’s strategy to ensure safe and active mobility for younger and older people in the Spanish capital.
  • Test agile mobility solutions in practice. Discover with Helsinki (Finland) about their cargo bike rental system, as well as their new electric ferry operating as an on-demand service.
  • Give cyclists the room they need. See how the city of Aachen (Germany) is testing new protected bikes lanes separated from regular traffic.
  • Push for innovative and sustainable mobility. Use your imagination to travel to Rethymno in Greece to discover their smart on-street parking system.
  • Turn streets into cycling lanes and pedestrian zones. Learn more about Sarajevo’s experience in closing off areas to cars to create space in the Bosnian capital for green mobility solutions.
  • Transform parking spaces into public spaces. Find out with colleagues from Szeged (Hungary) about giving back public space to people by changing parking spaces from the docks into a free cultural and leisure area.