Talking UVARs: Bonnie Fenton gets interviewed by EU Research magazine

Bonnie Fenton

Bonnie Fenton, ReVeAL’s Coordinator

Bonnie Fenton, ReVeAL’s Coordinator, talked about our project and using UVARs to improve the overall quality of life within cities in an article with EU Research, a publication dedicated to research and innovation.

Dissemination of scientific research occupies a central place in our project – and so does the involvement of academic institutions. Such focus puts us in a place where it is easy for us to align ourselves with other actors to further deliver our message of liveability – one that sees UVARs as an instrument apt to revolutionise the urban way of life for the better.

Collaborating with EU Research

This is the reason that brought EU Reseach and us together: EU Research has extensive experience of working with EU-funded projects and believes that publicising scientific research is the key to capitalising on its long-term potential, whether that be commercial development or facilitating further academic collaborations and future implementations.

Our article Strategies to Lower Emissions and Improve Liveability in Urban Areas, a compelling interview with Rupprecht’s Bonnie Fenton, hopes to break down the world of UVAR and pique everyone’s interest in view of the last chapters of our project, ending this coming November.

The Summer ’22 EU Research online magazine ‘The Necessity of Science in Uncertain Times’ explores other topics, such as covid complacency, the war in Ukraine and its impact on science and research, the Brexit effect on the UK and Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, as well as the future of European research.