ACEA talks UVARs in new position paper

The European Automobile Manufacturers‘ Association (ACEA) has recently issued a position paper on the topic of UVARs, available here.

The paper tackles the debate on livability that concerns many European cities; in addition, it offers UVARs as possible solutions to meet the environmental and space-efficiency EU targets.

A balanced view can come from dialogue only

ACEA paperWhile the paper focuses on the role of cars in cities, UVARs and low- and zero-emission zones are showcased, too; it appears clear that ACEA members understand that UVARs can be a useful tool to reach sustainable mobility goals.

Some of the aspects set out in this position paper are worth taking into account when discussing UVARs. Indeed, each UVAR scheme should be assessed on a case‐by‐case basis, to ensure it is effective, acceptable and embedded in a holistic urban mobility plan. To do so, a dialogue between all parts involved in urban mobility should always happen.

Where does ReVeAL stand?

As of now, there are currently no EU guidelines for implementing UVARs that cities can follow; hopefully, the ReVeAL tools will be able to support this in the near future. Our purpose is to move forward confirming the validity of our research, the transparency of our matchmaking process with cities and the high acceptance rate that UVARs can have when planned, deployed and promoted in accordance with the environmental, social and economical needs of our citizens.