ReVeAL meets Pilot City Jerusalem

Last week, the ReVeAL project made a short stop in Jerusalem. As Jerusalem’s Pilot city Coordinator, Bonnie and Lisa Marie from Rupprecht Consult visited Nimrod and his team from the Environmental department in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is one of the six Pilot cities in ReVeAL that will take significant and courageous steps for implementing UVAR measures in the city. As part of the overall “Clean air programme”, Jerusalem introduces a three-staged Low-Emission-Zone in the city.


In order to understand Jerusalem’s situation and to get to know the whole team that stands behind the Low-Emission-Zone project, Bonnie and Lisa Marie travelled all the way to Jerusalem to spend a few days in the “Holy City”. Besides visiting the old city and getting an introduction of how it is like to live in Jerusalem, they got insights in how the Jerusalem team works, what is planned for ReVeAL and how the ReVeAL project can support the city. In several site visits, the ReVeAL team got to see areas with limited vehicle access, the Jaffa street as an example for a successful transformation from a heavy-traffic street to a pedestrian area, and the traffic monitoring centre of Jerusalem.