New ReVeAL article featured in Thinking Cities Issue #13

Yes, you read it well! ReVeAL has been featured in the latest issue of Polis-HB3 Media’s magazine Thinking Cities.

The article, titled All will be ReVeALed, investigates how cities can learn to fall in love with Urban
Vehicle Access Regulations and leverage them to create a more sustainable future for them and their citizens. Drafted by a pool of partners from Polis and UGhent, the article highlights how ReVeAL will guide cities to become more liveable through its ‘matching’ Transition Framework.

The authors of the article are:

Alessia Giorgiutti, Communication Officer at Polis
Maria Jose Rojo Callizo, Project Manager at Polis
Daniel Guzman Vargas, PhD Researcher at Ghent University
Ivana Semanjski, Professor in Smart systems engineering at Ghent University
Dirk Lauwers, Visiting professor in the fields of Mobility Planning and
Traffic Engineering Design at Ghent University and University of Antwerp
Sidharta Gautama, Professor in Intelligent Systems Engineering at Ghent University

About Issue #13 – Creating the living, breathing city

Thinking Cities #13 was launched at Polis Conference 2019, an event that spanned the course of two days from 27-28 November 2019. In acknowledging the scarcity of urban space today, and in recognition of its inherent value, the cover of this issue highlights the potential of urban space to positively influence sustainable transport behaviour, thereby encouraging local authorities to prioritise more sustainable transport modes throughout cities and regions.

You can find the complete issue here.