International workshop on barriers to dynamic kerbside management

ReVeAL event
October 15, 2020
From 9:00 am
To 8:00 pm

Within ReVeAL, Partner WSP is responsible for exploring the frontiers of kerbside management as a future element of effective Urban Vehicle Access Regulations.

WSP sees dynamic kerbside management as key to related solutions because it allows cities to allocate, restrict, charge for and/or prioritise capacity for different services at different times. An integral part of WSP work is to identify and understand barriers for future implementation of dynamic kerbside management.

For this purpose, WSP is organising its International workshop on barriers to dynamic kerbside management on October 15, 2020.

A plenary session with a thorough introduction to the world of dynamic kerbside management will be followed by several city-focused sessions where a handful of leading cities from across the globe will present their perspective and issues with kerbside management. Each city will elaborate on their perspective within a case-based exercise with relevant experts through 1h-and-half-hour sessions.

All sessions will be recorded and summarized. The output and findings of the workshop will be part of WPS’ report on barriers to introducing dynamic kerbside management.


  • 13:00-14:00 CEST – Session 1: Plenary session – Introduction to Dynamic Kerbside Management by Per Solér, Transport Planner, WSP Sweden
  • 14:00-15:30 CEST – Session 2: London – Kerb access for goods – how to manage loading and access more efficiently by Samantha Tharme, Senior Strategic Transport Planner City of London, and Dawn Miller, Head of Policy and Partnerships at Coord, former chief of staff at NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission
  • 16:00-17:30 CEST – Session 3: Washington – Dynamic Curbside Management in an Evolving Urban Fabric by Benito O. Pérez and TBC, Curbside Management Operations Planning Manager at District Department of Transportation
  • 18:00-19:30 CEST – Session 4: San Francisco – Technology equity – adoption of new technology and how to move from cash/card to digital parking payment by Hank Willson, Policy Manager for Parking & Curb Management at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, and Aaron Golub, Director and Associate Professor Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University