Avirnaki: Clean #Jerusalem from Air Pollution

The “Clean the City of Air Pollution” project, led by the Municipality of Jerusalem and Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, aims at reducing vehicle emissions affecting Jerusalem‘s pedestrians and residents though the implementation of a Low Emission Zone.

Since January 2020, Jerusalem’s city center is thus defined as a LEZ and diesel-powered vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes and whose registration year is 2005 or older are banned. However, vehicles with installed air filters can still access the area.

The project is part of a wider plan that has the objective of reducing air pollution from transportation in the city of Jerusalem.


Awareness Campaign

The city of Jerusalem has a very unique demographic, consisting of at least four sectors – (General Public; Orthodox Jews; Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arabs), where more than four languages are spoken (Hebrew; Arabic; Russian and English) and different types of media are used to consume news. All of the above, while taking into consideration the sensitivities of all sectors, guided the campaign to the concept of the following video:


The concept was distributed through the following media channels, in a 376.000 Euro campaign:

    1. 25% of the budget – TV campaign – 4 channels;
    2. 28% of the budget – Billboards;
    3. 18% of the budget – Digital & Social Media – 1 project site; ads in 10 websites, 3 languages;
    4. 16% of the budget – Radio – 6 radio stations, 2 languages;
    5. 13% of the budget – Press – countrywide & local, 4 languages;

The campaign was preceded and followed by a survey, in order to evaluate its effectivity. Unsurprisingly, the survey showed that project awareness grew from 15% to 64%: a great success!

Some of the campaign’s promotional materials can be seen on the project’s website www.avirnaki-jr.co.il.