IRU-Polis Roundtable on Coach Access to Cities

Brussels, Belgium
November 26, 2019
From 9:00 am
To 12:00 am

Coach transport is a new challenge for European cities. This fast-growing sector currently has a limited number of technological options to ‘clean up’. In order to meet the needs of the various groups using coach services, specific solutions are on the drawing board or under implementation: specific coach routing, parking and access planning. Polis network and IRU invite coach transport stakeholders (Polis members and coach service operators) for a direct dialogue about challenges and solutions.


The workshop draft agenda is available here.

The workshop will be held at The EGG, rue Bara 175, 1070 Brussels on November 26, 2019.


Attendance to this event is by invitation only. Polis members and coach service operators can register here. For more information, please contact Ivo Cré, Director Policy and Projects – Coordinator of Access at Polis network.