Measure Fields

ReVeAL looks at a range of UVAR measures, both established and cutting-edge approaches, grouped under the four “Measure Fields”:

Zero-emission zones

Areas where only vehicles emitting zero emissions are permitted.
La Rochelle, France…
… regulates deliveries with a time window to ensure pedestrian areas can recieve deliveries. 
Bologna, Italy…
… allows access to its ZTL through the purchase of three yearly permits with limited exemptions.
Amsterdam, Netherlands…
… has a camera-enforced lorry LEZ since 2008 and works on a phased tightening to a ZEZ by 2030.

Spatial interventions

Access regulations based on area planning and design, and physical interventions in the public realm.

Pricing measures

Financial charging for accessing specific areas.

Future proofing and future options

Possible tools and emerging technologies that cut across all measures.