Presentations and videos of WSP’s Kerbside workshop are now available!

Traditional kerbside use is challenged.

Other and new transportation modes and services, growing demand from freight deliveries, and increasing pressure to shift urban space from vehicles to people stresses the need to optimise kerbside access.

The WSP-organised International workshop on barriers to dynamic kerbside management that took place on October 15, 2020, set out to explore the world of kerbside management and the barriers to implementation.

The workshop was divided in four sections, with each featuring presentations and fruitful discussions with leading experts in the field:

  1. An introduction to kerbside management by Per Solér, Transport Analysist at WSP Sweden – Presentation HERE
  2. London-session: Kerb access for goods – how to manage loading and access more efficiently – Presentation HERE
  3. Washington DC-session: Dynamic Curbside Management in an evolving Urban fabric – Soon available
  4. San Francisco: Technology Equity – adoption of new technology and how to move from cash/card to digital parking payment – Presentation HERE

Check our dedicated playlist to see the Workshop recordings.